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Celebrity Breast: How Owning them Influences Careers and Relationships

Various questions have been asked with regards to what determines breast size of a full grown woman. Others have asked if hereditary factors and latest scientific advancements have a role to play. Research has shown than breast size is hereditary, with cup size ranging from AA (the smallest) to EE (the full cups). Women’s cup sizes vary tremendously; with the average size being B cup. However, the conjoint opinion today is that C cup is the ideal breast size (due to celebrity breasts of artists such as-Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, and Angelina Jolie among others).

When a woman thinks of prominence, charm, style and accomplishment, they will take strides to enable them arrive at the crowning looks and physic. Regular exercise, dieting, childbirth, breast-feeding and other activities that have been long thought that they can affect a woman’s bid to have seamless breasts have not realized the wished result to many. Undergoing surgery to have celebrity breast implants is an avenue that has offered women an opportunity to raise their torso. This has enabled women in gaining buoyancy and giving a short in the arm of self-esteem. For celebrities, it advances vivacious tabloid ratings.

Opting for plastic surgery has become a norm for those eyeing to become movie stars, celebrity wives and magazine glamour icons. However, this rite of passage (plastic surgery) favors more than others.

One noticeable woman, whose celebrity breasts has done more in approving the knives of the surgeon than sales of swimsuits, is Pamela Anderson.

Her bursting in the seams in the early 90s of the renowned Playboy magazine propelled the young ingénue to greater heights after celebrity breasts began televising prime-time TV, with Anderson being Baywatch’s CJ. Public figures that have undergone this surgery include Britney Spears, Nicol Richie, Amy Winehouse and the ‘Queen of Essex’.

In the year 2000, Britney opted to be up-to-date in the competitive world of appearance by having breast enlargements, to coincide with the launch of her first album. However, a year later, she was under the knife again opting for smaller and firmer celebrity breast versions. This had been prompted by running out ways of renouncing the abrupt transformation of appearance. Having battled feeding disorders, Nicol decided to go silicone in 2006. She felt the surgery will increase her poise, and aid in reveling her new profession and marriage. The troubled prima donna Amy, purportedly paid £35,000 for getting celebrity breast implants; not knowing that her father would leak her decision and action of having celebrity breast enlargement to ITV.

In Britain, the craze for having celebrity breast can be summed up in one word, picturing how far women can go: Jordan.  Adored and reviled in an equivalent manner, the proclaimed ‘Queen of Essex’ did admit having a few celebrity breast enlargements to preserve her modeling line of business. She believed her decisions would have a positive impact on her money-spinning ‘career’ as a luminary having enormous breast. Jordan’s once well-known appearance currently has a legion of well-known supporters to include Jodie Marsh, Chantelle Houghton and Gemma Atkinson.

If a woman is thinking of having celebrity breast, it is advisable for her to seek services of several respectable surgeons, consult a specialist before they make a decision. This is an informative article and is not intended to encourage women to do the celebrity breast way.